YDS Sınav Soruları – Örnek YDS Okuma Parçası Soruları



1. - 4. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Computers and Web TV units are the same in some ways, but contrast in others. A personal computer can do a lot more than a Web TV. I have always wanted a computer; two years ago with short funds, I had to settle for a Web TV unit. Enjoying the freedom of surfing the internet, chatting, emailing, posting in newsgroups and creating websites, started to become boring particularly at certain times when I couldn’t view sites, chat in certain areas, post in other non-Web TV newsgroups, and what I wanted to do with my websites became limited, to what I could do. A year after I bought my Web TV unit we had enough funds to take a trip to Circuit City and buy a computer package. I was the happiest person alive that day that I brought my computer home. I quickly disconnected my Web TV unit and set up my computer.

1. From the comparison between computers and web TV we understand that _____.

A) Web TVs are much more expensive than computers

B) the advantages of Web TV far outweigh its disadvantages

C) the writer argues in favour of personal computers

D) there are more differences than similarities between computers and Web TVs

E) computers can also function as Web TVs



2. The writer points out that _____.

A) he was forced to buy a Web TV unit instead of a computer as he didn’t have enough money

B) he wasn’t content with the Web TV that didn’t let him surf on the internet

C) Web TV unit enabled him to have access to every site on the net

D) after a year he saved enough money to buy a computer

E) Web TV units need to be upgraded regularly



3. The main reason why the Web TV has become wearisome for the writer is that _____.

A) he began to encounter problems with the internet connection

B) he had to share it with his parents

C) he decided to quit website design

D) it was too difficult to operate

E) its capacity has fallen short of what the writer has aimed at doing with it


4. On the internet there are some sites _____.

A) that publish inappropriate content

B) whose design can be disturbing

C) which we cannot access through a web TV unit

D) that may be harmful for children

E) which are used to infect computers viewing them


5. - 8. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The giving of gifts has been practised in every civilization ever studied. It is a basic human ritual that has a place in every culture and religion. Gifts are given to mark occasions throughout life, such as birth, marriage and retirement. Sociologists view gifts as a marker of the social relationship between giver and recipient. When friends swap gifts, for example, there is an unwritten expectation that the gifts will be of roughly the same value, showing that the friends have equality of status. In hierarchical relationships it is a different story. If an employee and boss were exchanging presents, the boss would be expected to give a larger present. In return for this generosity, the employee would be expected to both work hard and be respectful.

5. It can be inferred from the passage that _____.

A) the value of the gift is determined by the level of connection between the giver and receiver

B) you can not make friends outside your own social status

C) the exchange of gifts in a work place is more formal

D) your boss won’t buy you a gift if your performance is poor

E) employees will be discouraged if they are not given a gift every year


6. The writer points out that _____.

A) receiving gifts from someone does not necessarily mean that he likes you

B) people from different social classes never exchange presents

C) friends should buy eachother gifts that are exactly of the same price

D) giving gifts is primarily a religious activity

E) exchanging presents is a sort of ceremonial activity that is a part of every society


7. According to the passage, _____.

A) if you work hard and respect your elders, you are sure to receive valuable gifts

B) the presents women are given are usually more expensive than those bought for men

C) Gifts are indicators of important events in life

D) even if they don’t say so, people always expect gifts

E) gifts can encourage lazy children to study harder


8. It can be concluded from the passage that _____.

A) it is not necessary to exchange gifts in every occasion

B) it is rude to expect expensive gifts from your boss

C) expectations based on the exchange of gifts may vary depending on the rank of giver or receiver

D) exchanging gifts is originally a religious ceremony

E) women never get satisfied however valuable a gift is


1. C      2. A      3. E      4. C      5. A      6. E      7. C      8. C