YDS Sınav Soruları – Örnek YDS Dilbilgisi Grammar Soruları

YDS SINAVI ÖRNEK SORULAR PDF İNDİR: YDS Sınav Soruları – Örnek YDS Dilbilgisi – Grammar Soruları

1. If only you —- me you were going away.

A) have told        B) would tell

C) could tell        D) told

E) had told

2. She is —- telling lies, which offend the people around her.

A) sometimes     B) rarely

C) always             D) usually

E) frequently

3. Over one third of a man’s body —- muscle compared to thirty five percent for women, which —- that men have more muscle power.

A) are/mean       B) is/means

C) are/means      D) is/mean

E) are/have meant

4. The author compares writing with visual arts to support his view that —- art form should be judged on  —- own merits.

A) every/his        B) all/their

C) each/its          D) some/your

E) any/one’s

5. He didn’t like —- putting the blame on —- and reacted harshly.

A) her/him         B) hers/his

C) my/our          D) their/we

E) me/us

6. They made all they could just to give —- practice to the athlete who holds a chance to get a medal in the Olympics.

A) much            B) further

C) less                D) best

E) the most

7. Usually my father —- participate in our discussions about political issues, but now he avoids talking about politics.

A) would           B) is used to

C) used to         D) got used to

E) was used to

8. You ought to get your car —- as soon as you can.

A) to service      B) to be serviced

C) serviced        D) servicing

E) having been serviced

9. It’s high time he —- up his mind on whether to sack her or not.

A) has made     B) made

C) was made     D) had made  E) makes

10. —- by him many times, she was determined not to be involved in an argument.

A) Having insulted  B) Insulting

C) To be insulted     D) Having been insulted

E) To have been insulted

11. Recent studies provide evidence that the brain of a teenager differs from —- of both children and adults.

A) this                       B) one

C) these                    D) ones

E) that

12. I spoke to my consultant this afternoon, —- was something I’d been hoping to do for ages.

A) who                   B) whom

C) what                  D) which

E) that

13. —- knows anything about the whereabouts of the president.

A) Anybody          B) Nothing

C) Nowhere         D) Nobody

E) Everybody

14. It’s pointless —- this issue any further.

A) discussing               B) to discuss

C) having discussed   D) to have discussed

E) having been discussed

15. In some countries smoking —- in public places.

A) had banned            B) had been banned

C) were banned          D) has banned

E) has been banned

16. He didn’t pay attention at what the teacher suggested, but he now wishes he —-.

A) has                        B) did

C) does                      D) had

E) were

17. The reason —- she wanted to be alone was the fact that she was upset.

A) what                    B) why

C) which                  D) when

E) how

18. We —- as well give him a second chance as he has already deserved it.

A) could                  B) may

C) can                      D) must

E) should

19. Yesterday the postman brought the letter which I —- for three weeks.

A) was expecting  B) have been expecting

C) have expected D) had been expecting

E) will have been expecting

20. It is absolutely necessary to read your work through when you —- writing.

A) finished            B) have finished

C) had finished    D) will finish

E) are going to finish


1. E      2. C      3. B      4. C      5. A      6. B      7. A      8. C      9. B      10. D

11. E    12. D    13. D    14. A    15. E    16. D    17. B    18. B    19. D    20. B