Aşağıda YDS sınavında sorulan paragraf tamamlama sorularının benzerlerini bulabilirsiniz. YDS sınavında sorulan Paragraf Tamamlama sorularının uzunluğu genelde 5-6 cümleyi geçmez. Paragraflar tamamlama soruları çeşitli konulardaki makaleler içinden seçilerek alınan paragraflar üzerinden hazırlanmakta ve sorulmaktadır. Soru hazırlayıcılar genelde paragraf tamamlama sorusunun doğru cevabı dışındaki seçenekleri de aynı makalenin farklı paragraflarından aldıkları için bu tarz sorular zorlayıcı olabilmektedir.


1- There are those who achieve success as the result of a chance: being in the right place at the right time. —-. If you want to stay on top, you have to work at it, which usually means giving a lot of time and energy to preparation. Once you realise the advantage that exceptional preparation gives, it becomes a life-long habit.

A) There are others, however, who never get what they want

B) Yet, this kind of success is usually short-lived

C) People who become a celebrity overnight lose their popularity as fast as they get it

D) Therefore, determination is the key to welfare in life

E) Others think that they do not deserve to be praised unless they work hard

2- Ephesus was a city dedicated to the Greek Goddess Artemis, and the temple was necessary to their religious function. This particular temple, however, had been built to replace the previous great temple, which had been nowhere near as large or impressive. —-.Construction of the new temple began that same year, but the temple was not completed until around 236 BC. As far as historians can deduce, this magnificent edifice was constructed by the populace and workers of Ephesus, under the direction of an unspecified architect.

A) It took one hundred-twenty years to build, and was four hundred-twenty-five feet long upon completion

B) The original great temple was destroyed by arson in 356 BC

C) The excavation at Ephesus is still in progress today

D) It has been a place of pilgrimage since it was first unearthed

E) It stood until the third century AD, when it was again burned


1- B   2- B